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All-In-One Sniper Bot.

Pancakeswap sniper bot, uniswap sniper bot, and avax sniper bot packaged into one mobile compatible bot. Adam’s Sniper Bot. The sniper bot will change the way you trade, as traditional trading methods provide a much slower way of buying and selling the tokens of your choosing, this pancakeswap sniper bot will ensure that you get the fastest entries and exits from the tokens you snipe. Many features allow you to even customize the way you enter the token, if trading is disabled for example, or if liquidity has not been added yet and you want an entry right after it is.

Coupled with anti bot measures features, this bot will allow you to bypass the anti bot measures added into contracts that prevent bots from sniping. You will also get an exclusive one hour video teaching you how to read contracts and look for these anti bot measures in order to help you configure the bot, along with your purchase. Developer is highly engaged with the community, and is always looking to help the snipers make more money and achieve financial freedom. This pancakeswap bot is still actively in development and features are continuously added. So don’t wait too long before the price rises again!


Download Metamask

It's recommended to download metamask chrome extension or metamask app for mobile devices in order to use with this bot.

You can download it from their official website here:

The Most Powerful Sniper Bot, In The Palm Of Your Hands.

The only mobile compatible mempool sniper bot available in the crypto marketplace. Buy, sell, frontrun liquidity or methods, all from your mobile device or PC.

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Adam's Sniper Bot

It's time to change the way you trade.


Super Fast Buy And
Sell Functionalities


Works On Mobile,
Tablet And Desktop


No Downloads


The Only Mobile Compatible
Mempool Sniper Bot



- Pancakeswap Sniper Bot
- Uniswap Sniper Bot
- Avax Sniper Bot
- All-in-one
- Complete Access To All Bot Features
- Mobile Compatible
- Lifetime Support
- All Future Upgrades, FREE.



Limited Time Offer.

Buy Now



Just $15/ SNIPE / BSC

OR $30 / SNIPE / ETH


Why Adam's Sniper Bot?

  • - Mempool Sniper Bot.
  • - Pancakeswap, Uniswap, & Avax (Trader Joe, Pangolin) Support.
  • - Snipe liquidity additions or triggered methods by dev.
  • - First block guaranteed.
  • - Mobile Compatible.
  • - Same Block Multi Buy Transactions.
  • - Same Block Multi Sell Transactions.
  • - Honeypot Checker.
  • - Block Delay.
  • - Integrated Poocoin Chart.
  • - Live Profit Tracker.
  • - Token Amount Buys.
  • - Gwei tracker (Uniswap).
  • - Auto Sell.
  • - Tg Scanner.
  • - Anti Rug.
  • - Presale Sniping (Soon).
  • - FTM Support (Soon).
  • - Active Dev
  • - Consistent Updates
  • - Active Community @AdamSnipesChat
  • - Access To Adam's Snipers-Only Private Chat (Gems Shared)
  • - Access To Bonuses Such As Educational Videos For Sniping
  • - Referral Commissions
  • - 100% Transparency
  • - Spontaneous AMAs With The Dev
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